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Lift-Off Launches New Exclusive Content : FOR SUBMITTERS ONLY.

March 13, 20140 Comments

“Value is what will define my decision as a filmmaker to submit my film to a festival. I would weigh up the chances of being screened with the value I will get from the submission fee alone. If it isn’t a fair investment, then I won’t submit.“ Since the 1st January Lift-Off has launched a […]

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Casting Actors Correctly.

October 28, 20140 Comments

Casting Actors. Tips, tricks, and philosophical discussions for casting your next film. Every town, worth living in has a theatre of some shape or form. Theatres are the central hubs for live creative output for many people of all different shapes and sizes, playing make believe each and every week to a loyal crowd of […]

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Management Techniques: Getting the best out of your crew.

October 27, 20140 Comments

People management techniques for the project supervising filmmaker. Time slips away on a film-set quicker than you can say… “I thought it was lunchtime 30 minutes ago, why on Earth is it getting dark!?“ Time management on a film set is people management. And people can be very confusing. The number of times we have […]

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Emma Coates’ 22 Rules of Storytelling.

October 14, 20140 Comments

Simplify & Focus… 22 story structure golden nuggets. This week’s blog post contains advice from former Pixar story artist Emma Coats. This lovely set of advice was originally tweeted in 2011 in a series called story-basics.  In-case you missed it, here they are again. “Smart filmmakers don’t wait for doors to open. They move into communities […]

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Create Your Own Luck.

October 12, 20140 Comments

7 Tips. How to generate luck. In your filmmaking, and, perhaps, in life too..! After a good few posts on technical aspects and artistic management, we thought this week to take it back to something a little more philosophical/psychological. A post written entirely to open our submitters awarenesses to the power of luck, a look […]

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The Building Blocks of Writing.

September 30, 20140 Comments

………Tips, tricks, and philosophical discussions for writing your next screen play. Writing a great film is a tricky and elusive thing. We want… • A plot that will scoop our audience up in its arms transporting them through our story in the most elegant way possible. • Action that will be subtle enough yet dynamic. […]

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Creating character : Characterisation techniques for the artistic filmmaker.

September 20, 20140 Comments

It’s an artistic formula. As an indie filmmaker it is more than likely that you are the writer, director, photographer, editor and promoter of your work. Balancing your focus and time can be very tricky, especially when you have very strong technical voices on the project who believe they have priority over the not so […]

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How to use Twitter effectively as an Indie Filmmaker.

September 17, 20140 Comments

………How to use the fastest growing social media site on the web to increase exposure of your work to a worldwide audience including gaining the attention of film festival’s, VOD distribution channels, fellow filmmakers and large chunks of potential audience. How to use twitter to promote your film. 1. How to use twitter to promote […]

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Los Angeles Lift-Off 2014 – Winners and Review

September 10, 20140 Comments

This years festival was a great success. Thank you to all who attended and voted on the films we showcased. We were delighted by the turn out – fascinated by the feedback and the Q&A’s with our filmmakers. The scorecards proved yet again that true indie film rests on the power of the acting, direction […]

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How to get paid work as a filmmaker.

September 6, 20140 Comments

A guide to climbing the industry and getting paid work as a professional director.. “It’s a tough business…” If I had a penny for every-time I was told in my early career that I was – getting into a really competitive and ultimately challenging career in film -I’d have had enough pennies to build a […]

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How To Be Your Own Art Department.

September 3, 20140 Comments

……….Never overlook the powers of filling a frame with narrative. The importance of using an art director, and how you can be one yourself! As a film festival, we watch many films each and every week, and we are always stunned at how good the standard can sometimes be… Great acting, great directing, brilliant subjects […]

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Creating originality within a world of blah blah blah…

August 25, 20140 Comments

How to build the perfect creative engine. Yeah, you get what we’re on about: Kayne West and Kim Kardasian are the worlds most famous couple. The idea that self-selective, self absorbed psychopaths building a brand of obvious that doesn’t really say anything, or change a single ounce of humanity, is what the western world wants […]

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提出者のみに独占コンテンツ! 映画祭.

August 25, 20140 Comments

内容は、提出者を支払うことを排他的にのみ使用できます。これは、次が含まれています… 私は今何を、お祭りに私の映画を提出してきた? :あなたがやり残し今いただきました!右の事を、行っている? 上位5つのインディーズ映画祭。 :だから、次は何、これ以上の祭りはあなたが見てみたい?この投稿は、提出物のあなたの次のステップを調査し、現在の市場のように簡単にアイデアを提供しますし、提出から何を期待する。 映画でのキャリアをスタートをお探しですか?映画祭の成功を助けることができる? :私たちは、経路の映画製作者は彼らがフィルム内に自分のキャリア構築を支援するために行うことができます見てみると、祭りの成功かどうかをすることができ、それらの映画制作ストーリーの開発に補佐官。 流通·なぜを取得し独立した映画。 :どのように、なぜこれが達成されたかの大規模な配信契約といくつかの理由を獲得しているインディーズ映画を見て。 トップ5つの理由は、インディーズ映画制作者は、ハリウッドでは、それを確認します。 :ハリウッドでインディーの成功と、いくつかのアイデアのパターンで延長見ると、それはあなたの仕事は注目を集める可能性があります実装する。 リフト·オフ·フェスティバルに提出する場合は、更新プログラム、および発表のために定期的に迷惑メールフォルダをチェックして、あなたの受信トレイに上陸しないから排他的な内容の電子メールを防止するために、私たちの連絡先リストに次の電子メールアドレスを追加してくださいするようにしてください… london@lift-off-festival.com las-vegas@lift-off-festival.com los-angeles@lift-off-festival.com liverpool@lift-off-festival.com tokyo@lift-off-festival.com 祭りのいずれかに送信するには、上記の提出]タブをクリックしてください。 最高の幸運!

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Los Angeles Lift-Off 2014 Preview & Programme…

August 22, 20140 Comments

  4th September 2014, 6.30pm – 9.30pm Don’t Bro With Me Bro (Bro Brothers ep1), USA The Magic Shoes, USA The price we pay, USA Molehills, UK Crackbot 9000 (Bro Brothers ep2), USA Share, USA Blind Faith, UK Jazz Ball – An urban odyssey, UK Go Storm Stupid (Bro Brothers ep3), USA Warhol, UK 5th […]

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A Long time ago in a galaxy far far away… Story writing, creating a good hook.

August 15, 20140 Comments

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… Story writing, creating a good hook. If you were going to re-write “once upon a time”, you couldn’t have done a better job than the title of this guide, this is certainly the best storytelling hook I can remember from my many, many years as […]

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Advanced Tutorial: Directing actors using actions…

August 8, 20140 Comments

We have all been there. You are on set, your actors are in place, they are saying the lines, but something just isn’t working. You try to say something helpful to guide them into your vision… you can see it in your head for god-sake! Why are they unable to understand what you mean? You […]

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