London Lift-Off Film Festival

Programme: Official Selections London Lift-Off 2014

November 22, 2014

Your programme is here… Look beyond the gloss. Put talent before technology. It is with great pleasure that we announce the programme for London Lift-Off 2014. Firstly we want to thank everyone who submitted making it all possible for our festival to continue to support the growth of indie film at the grassroots level. Our […]

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Lift-Off @ TROYFEST 2014!!

April 22, 20140 Comments

Showcasing the Winners and Best of Screenings at An Arts and Music Film Festival with the Same Heart and Soul As Lift-Off…. TROYFEST!! As part of the continuing mission to get our winners films circulated within as many circles as possible, Lift-Off is proud to announce that we will be showcasing a group of previous […]

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Twitter Promotion : Annual Fee Waivers Week!

April 21, 20140 Comments

Special Film Festival Fee Waiver Days Announced, via Twitter!! Every indie filmmaker should be on Twitter, and you should be following the four Lift-Off Festivals. Once a year we will hold a four day fee wavier initiative, where the password for the fee waiver will ONLY be announced via the Twittersphere. Each day of a […]

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Lift-Off Launches New Exclusive Content : FOR SUBMITTERS ONLY.

March 13, 20140 Comments

“Value is what will define my decision as a filmmaker to submit my film to a festival. I would weigh up the chances of being screened with the value I will get from the submission fee alone. If it isn’t a fair investment, then I won’t submit.“ Since the 1st January Lift-Off has launched a […]

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London Lift-Off Film Festival 2013 Winners & Review…

December 30, 20130 Comments

London Lift-Off Film Festival Review 2013… Thirty five films were screened at the beautiful Soho Hotel to a warm and generous audience through four 2 hour screenings, and informative question and answer sessions. Many of the filmmakers in attendance networked with other film professionals and votes were cast on the final decision for the winners […]

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London Lift-Off 2013 – Film Festivals Programme.

November 20, 20130 Comments

Film Festivals Programme Script Winners Pablos Way, UK – Duncan Young Gibraltar Rock, UK – Sian Naithson Mile Stoned, South Africa – Sam Hartey Patrick, USA – Sarah Nightingale Darkness Screening – 3-5pm Film festivals afternoon screening times and synopses’. Adam, UK, Dir. Ged Hunter What if your world was only your relationship? You became one […]

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London Lift-Off Film Festival 2013

November 1, 20130 Comments

London Lift-Off Film Festival 2013 For a full programme click here… To register for free admittance at this years festival please send us your details on the form below… Before registering for London Lift-Off Film Festival 2013, please ensure that each guest gets sent this form and fills it out prior to attending the London […]

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Международный кинофестиваль. London, Liverpool, Los Angeles, Las Vegas.

October 4, 20130 Comments

Международный кинофестиваль. Отчаянно пытаются достичь новых директоров из России. Вышлите ваш фильм сегодня и присоединиться к трансатлантический обмен истинного независимого кино! This is a call for entries. International Film Festival Seeking Russian films to showcase. Zero. That is how many films all four of the Lift-Off International Film Festivals have received from Russia. We want […]

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مهرجان الفيلم الدولي. International Film Festival. We Want More Arabic Independent Films.

October 4, 20130 Comments

مهرجان الفيلم الدولي أظهرت مهرجان السينمائي الدولي أكثر من 300 فيلما من جميع أنحاء العالم، ولكن عدد قليل من هذه الأفلام هي من الدول العربية. ونحن ندرك تماما من المواهب الناشئة والحكمة من صانعي الأفلام التقنية في الشرق، ونحن نريد لعرض مواهبهم للعالم. أنت صانع الفيلم العربي مع قصة تروى؟ أرسل لنا فيلمك! Winners of […]

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國際電影節 . Wanted: Chinese Independent Film Submissions

October 4, 20131 Comment

國際電影節 China’s independent film industry finally has an International Film Festival that is China friendly . Lift-Off International Film Festivals are looking to further expand their submissions from the far-east. 國際電影節 London’s Chinatown In the last few years films have been submitted from the Peoples Republic of China, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore in […]

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